What is The Journey Together?

The Journey Together is a three-day, two-night collective journey for post Race Conscious Dialogues and/or RGW trained participants that is designed to move us beyond foundational race conversations, challenge us to think about how we are complicit in racial injustices that exist today, and what we can do to embody justice and build beloved community across dividing lines in our own context. 
This experience is for you if you want to deepen your personal racial journey, develop your voice for justice in your spheres of influence, and connect with others who share a passion for the work of racial justice.
Your Investment: $950.00
  • Lodging in Montgomery 
  • Ground transportation for the duration of the trip starting at and returning to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Lunch, Dinner, Water, Drinks, & Snacks 
  • All museum entry passes, guided reflection, learning resources, and meeting spaces

**Cost does not include airfare or transportation to Atlanta airport.**

Partial and full scholarships are available for BIPOC participants. To make the trip accessible and equitable, and to enhance the experience for all participants, we ask those who have additional resources to consider contributing to support the cost of The Journey for others. 

The next Journey Together will take place Saturday, May 14th - Monday, May 16th 2022.
Join us and let's get curious!
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Applications Are Open!

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Interested applicants have until Tuesday, April 19th, to complete their application. Applicants should expect to hear back no later than April 25th.

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Application Questions: 

Name, Email, & Mobile Number

To balance the experience we must know how you identify. I am a: (white-bodied person, non-white-bodied person)

How did you learn about The Journey Together? 

Why do you want to embark on this journey? 

Tell us about your journey towards racial justice? 

How are you actively engaged in justice work? 

How do you hope to take what you learn back into your own context? 

Have you completed  a RGW or Race Conscious Dialogues (RCD) training experience? (YES,NO)

If you have not completed an RGW or RCD training, please name who referred you to this experience below.

We are all susceptible to creating harm on this journey.  How will you mitigate causing harm on The Journey Together?

Are you a BIPOC individual who is in need of a scholarship and does not have access to the financial resources to support your participation in The Journey Together? Please use integrity to self select, yes or no? 

Are you interested in donating the the scholarship fund? (YES, NOT AT THIS TIME)

We know there is always someone else you know who would benefit from applying to take The Journey Together!  Please invite them to apply, and if appropriate, share their email below so that we can share Journey resources with them as well!

What people are saying.

"I enjoyed the group and hearing the personal experiences and histories of my new friends. Experiencing the impact of this trip on each of us has left its own impact on me. The group being a mixed group of POCs and White people was SO important. It brought home to me the experience of POC in America in a way that would not have been possible had we been a homogeneous group."
~ Phyllis B Rubin